Heja Rahiminia

Hidden Life - 2019

"To Live in Tehran You Have to Lie" In Iran you live two different lives. It's a kind of schizophrenic society. There's an inside, private life, and there's an outside, public life, and nearly everybody lives by these rules. You're two different people. So on a basic level, you have to lie about who you are when you're in public or when you're in private, depending on what kind of social group you've grown up in and you live in. And that filters through to every single aspect of people's lives. For example, many people in Iran drink and they hold mixed parties.. There isn't a corner of Tehran where you don't find booze. Yet of course you have to lie about it, otherwise you'll get in trouble. So you need to lie, either to circumvent the laws or to avoid being judged by society.