Heja Rahiminia

Looking for utopia: Refugees - 2017

Throughout the years, human beings have always been looking for a place in which they could establish the perfect social and political system. An idealized society which is rich in spirituality and makes everyone happy. This quest were more likely to occur when people were disappointed to set up this utopia where they lived or forced to leave and immigrate to find a better life. Where I live (the Middle East) is full of great tragedies, in which war, destruction, dictatorship, and corrupt government systems make the meaning of utopia, which seeks for the absolute happiness and perfection of humankind, very inaccessible. Utopia here means finding a place to live far from war, death, torture, prison, and having political and economic security. In this way, people are willing to give up everything and take a step in the way that is full of the dangers and threaten their lives. A pass with endless expectation, unknown destiny and undecidedness. The utopia of people who are desolate, isolated and living in death is only somewhere they can survive and have a normal life. To reach that, they are ready to endure all these problems.