Heja Rahiminia

Curtains - 2013

The curtains of this collection are belonged to the places where women are present and the application of them is to prevent women to be seen and as a coverage. They operate as a mark that for whatever reason we put on a word or phrase to be more specific. I am always on this side of the curtain as man and eager to see the other side. I am sure there's not anything special there but the point is that ignorance provokes the desire to know and see. The curtain is a deep concept and has been always a kind of taboo about women. By searching for the word curtain and its application, you will see that most of them are related to reclusion and sex of females. The ambiguous and some kind of covertness of this concept can be seen with a search in classical literature and poetry of poets such as Hafez and Saadi Shirazi.