Heja Rahiminia

Mesopotamia - 2016

Mesopotamia is a place in whose caves primitive men chose to live and seek shelter from natural hazards and wild animals. After thousands of years, the primitive men found their way out of the cave, embarked on agriculture and domestication of wild animals, and created urban life and civilization. Even after thousands of years, nowadays, mountains and caves in Mesopotamia are the only resort and shelter for Kurds. However, nowadays, mountains and caves are not a shelter for escaping from animals, rather, they are a shelter for escaping from wild rapacious people such as ISIS men who attacked Izadi Kurds of Sinjar and forced the desperate people to escape to caves and mountains and return to primitive rea. The return to primitive era is indicative of a gloomy and grim future which awaits humanity, if war, battle, and weapons competition continues. It is indicative of a future in which civilization is threatened and destroyed and human beings will seek shelter in caves and mountains. This collection of photos is inspired by the Sinjar tragedy and can be construed as the representation of a probable future awaiting human beings.